Case Study: Targeting Life Insurance Policy Growth and Efficiency via Clicklistings

The Problem
One of the largest click buyers in the Life Insurance and Medicare verticals set aggressive growth targets for the year. As a leader in the space, they already employ some of the most sophisticated demographic-based  models in their sales and marketing funnels. However, the marketing lead spend hit bottlenecks as too many shoppers did not qualify for their products leading to less-than-desirable unit economics.

Optimizing the Marketing Spend by Predicting Insurability
The best lead scoring models today focus on gauging consumer intent and the ability to contact the consumer as signals for sales and marketing effectiveness. This misses a critical component of whether the consumer would qualify for your insurance products. Waiting until underwriting to learn about insurability is enormously wasteful. 

AveriSana distills proprietary health data and models into relevant scores and flags for use during all stages of lead evaluation. This helps to make decisions on how to select, reroute or handle incoming/existing leads to maximize marketing+sales resources and drive higher revenues.

Using a real-time API, our life and health insurance partners receive InsurabilityIQ scores on their potential leads in the click listing process under 500ms. This allowed our partners to make rapid assessments and decisions on:

How AveriSana Helped
Our partner was able to determine which leads are most likely to be insurable or a best fit for their products based on individualized health scores and bid up according to the true value of the lead. This resulted in winning more auctions for the right leads:

With a funnel full of better matched leads, backend metrics saw consistent improvements, driving better overall application and policy rates:
*Monthly production data for clicklisting-based lead acquisition and conversion into life insurance policies


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